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Coach & Trainer

Joanna Kahila

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Your guide to agility, leadership, and organizational change

Meet Joanna

Joanna is an experienced facilitator and team coach. She is an inspiring and innovative interaction developer with a deep understanding of the needs and processes of both business and software development teams.

She has worked as a Scrum Master and Project Manager in several industries and has managed to grind teams and stakeholders into successful cooperation.

Joanna is a Srum.org certified Scrum Master (PSMI 1) and a certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Agilist (SA). She has hands-on experience in agile transformations using both SAFe and Lean/Agile principles.

Joanna is a social, genuinely listening, open and positive person. She leads teams by building trust. Her curiosity, enthusiasm and drive to drive things forward make her an optimal choice for teams ready to take the next step towards more efficient ways of working and collaboration.



Scrum Master

Siili Academy's Scrum Master course is a two-day intensive introduction to the concepts of agility through Scrum, the most powerful framework in the world of agile software development. The course...

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You can contact Joanna directly via this form. Let him know about your training needs!