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12.12.2023 - 12.12.2023 // Helsinki

Team Charter Workshop

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Achieve the next level

The Agile Team charter helps teams to clearly define their purpose, responsibilities, and success criteria amongst other critical elements. The process of completing the Agile Team Charter provides the opportunity for teams to discuss and reflect both on how they want to work together, and with other teams on their organization For each of the 10 blocks on the charter an interactive exercise is included to generate discussion and the required output For any kind of team – development, portfolio, management, PMO, you name it

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  • Target group


    Starting teams of any kind
    Team leaders, Scrum masters and Product owners
    Existing teams finding structured and formalized way of working
    Anyone who are interested in to form a team (of any kind)
    Organizations that are re-shaping their existing team composition


    What do you get


    Structured start for a new team, or finetuning existing team purpose and way of working
    Template to fill at the start, or fill in essential blocks in existing environment
    Understanding Team dynamics, stakeholder involvement, and decision making process
    Get to know team members key competencies and learning opportunities
    Formulate Team events 


    Attendees learn


    How to define team purpose that is aligned with success criteria (measurement)
    To recognize key stakeholders and their impact in decision making
    To identify team members, their roles and responsibilities, and key competencies


    What’s included


    Course materials


    Schedule for the workshop


    Course starts: 9:00
    Breaks every hour and when needed 
    Closure: 12:00

  • Topics


    1. Purpose
    2. Team type and responsibilities
    3. Working agreements
    4. Success measures
    5. Definition of done (DoD)
    6. Key interactions
    7. Key stakeholders
    8. Team members
    9. Distinctive competencies
    10. Team Events

Price: 600 €

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